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"We have seen Shayla aka “Miss Shayla” by my kids, for the last 4 years!  She is amazing!  Not only is she very creative in finding ways for my daughter to strengthen her arm, but she is extremely patient with my strong willed child! 

Shayla is amazing!  We have been going to Shayla since my 6 year old was 2!  Shayla has done a fabulous job talking to our surgeons and doctors in Salina and Texas to help us do what’s best for my little girl!  She is kind and patient and has become a part of our family!!

Patient, caring, flexible, creative, kind, hard working; are just a few words that describe “Miss Shayla”!  Our entire family loves her and she really only works with one of us!  My 6 year old loves her!  We’ve been with her the last 4 years and she has done wonders!!"

- Lindsi

"Shayla is a outstanding physical therapist. She is dedicated to helping her patients, going above and beyond. She finds a way to connect and make them feel special. Shayla takes the time to listen to concerns and works with the families to reach goals.  She is a exceptional physical therapist!

When I asked Ava, my 4 year old, about Miss Shayla she said “ I love Miss Shayla because she helps me make my leg and hand better. She plays with me. She is my friend”"


Acupuncture has been extremely beneficial for me in multiple faucets of health! I began my journey due to severe migraines during pregnancy and now utilize it for self care management from the demands of every day life. My favorite part is the cupping. I can instantly tell a difference after a session!

- Reilly

Laura started working with Laila 5 years ago! Laila was suffering from chronic pain, she was on lots of pain meds, and was missing lots of school because of her pain. Fast forward 5 years, she is on no pain meds and we are able to maintain her pain so she can dance competitively.


My son has made SUCH a turnaround this summer and at school this year and we are certain it has a lot to do with Kourtney's OT sessions. He has been able to participate more in school the last few months than the entire year last year. Thank you Kourtney!!

-Parent of a 7 year old

Testimonials: Testimonials
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